13 Top Business ideas – 2017

Startup Business Ideas For College Students

According to the competition in different sectors, there are few fields you can plan for Profitable business in India with low investment. Here are a few business ideas for beginners, who are stepping into the business world.

  1. Digital Marketing Agency

It is a growing field in India today as it is an era of digitization. Even the government is supporting the change. Even you can work as a freelancer in this industry.


  1. Solar panel business/Solar plant

Our country is constantly working on renewable resources and in future, this will be the major source of electricity. So it will be a profitable business in upcoming years if you start today.


  1. Waste Management

We all know about India’s growing population and with this increasing population is increasing the waste in our country which needs to be managed.


  1. Mobile Repair

We all know the growing mobile market in India. With this increasing market more and more phones need to be repaired daily.


  1. Web Development Company

Even you don’t need to be a good coder if you want to start this business. You need a good knowledge of website developer software like WordPress and it can be started.


  1. Event Planners

Many people today hires an event agency/planners for their meetings or parties or weddings or exhibitions etc. So there is a wider scope of the area in this field from the future perspective.


  1. Food chains

Today half of the time people are dependent on restaurants or food Eservices for their meals. They are less on time not on money. Any type of food service can be offered whether it is Eservice or door to door.


  1. Gaming Zones

In this modern world, many youngsters prefer indoors rather than outdoors. So any type of interesting indoors like pool, snooker, bowling can be a part of your business.


  1. Gyms

In this polluted environment, everybody prefers a gym for their fitness rather than going outdoors and running miles. So it has become a part of the urban culture and can be a successful business.


  1. Toy shops

Today all the kids force their parents to buy them different types of toys. You can plan for that toys which kids want according to your area.


  1. Second-hand mobile business

It can work well if you have a clever mind which is must for business. You can repair the mobiles and sell them at a great margin.


  1. Tours n travel/Taxis

We all know about big companies like Ola and Uber and how much they earn. People want good services in today’s time and that’s the reason not all companies meet the requirements. So you can provide good services and beat the players.


  1. Online courses

If you are good at something then you can make good videos and post them online on YouTube or other social networking sites for free or paid and earn by advertisements.

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