Never say these things if you are an ENTREPRENEUR

How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur or you are on that track i.e. you are willing to start something of your own, then you must not say the following things in your entire life -:

  • I don’t need new ideas.

An entrepreneur without new ideas will ultimately fall down. Today business without new and innovative ideas do not work for long. So a budding entrepreneur should always look for good ideas.

  • It’s Perfect.

Never say that because perfection has no definition or it has no limits. The competition today has reached heights and this increased competition has changed the definition of perfection. So you will never know the work done by you is perfect or not. Just learn gradually and you will always stay close to perfection.

  • I don’t care.

If you don’t care then who will take care of your time. This attitude will result in the lazy attitude of your team. With time your team will also show an uncaring attitude towards work and gradually you will lose your clientele.

  • I don’t have time for this.

You have to manage time, you have to plan well for everything. You just can’t say that you don’t have time. It’s your company and if you don’t have time for your work or for team’s problems then what for you are running an enterprise.

  • I can’t do better than you.

You can’t be completely perfect but you can do better than your rivals in the market. That’s the attitude you need to show to your team. This will motivate them to try to do better than other each day.

  • I don’t need help.

I will not say help exactly, but you need the support of few people to run your enterprise well. In this comes your employees, your family, and friends who helped you in bad times. So you can’t ignore the efforts your people put to raise your company.

  • I am the one and only successful.

Don’t ever feel proud of yourself, let others feel proud of you. Even if you reach success, never be arrogant because if you do not respect that success you never know what life has for you to show. If life is good now, it can be bad in no time. Always remember that with success comes great power and money and with great power comes great responsibility.

  • I can’t decide.

You have to decide because you are the leader. You should have a good decision making. Decisions may sometimes be wrong and prove bad for you but you have to learn from bad experiences.

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